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Russian Mail Order Brides

What are Mail-Order Bride Sites and Why it’s a Good Idea to Use Them?


Mail-order bride sites are special services that helps you find gorgeous girls from all around the world. For example, you can live in USA, but look for a Russian beauty online. Mail-order bride site will provide you with a number of criteria to look for a Russian girl, so you can choose the one you like most. Once you have made your choice, you will have to pay a certain sum of money to start chatting/exchanging photos/videos and so on. If you feel like she is the chosen one, you can either fly to Russia and meet up with her, or invite her to your country of residence. All in all, mail order bride sites help you find your love with basically no effort. They are a fantastic choice for busy people who are looking for long-term relationships.


What is So Great About Russian Brides?


  • Beauty and femininity. It is needless to say about how beautiful Russian brides actually are. Their natural beauty is just unbelievable. They have brown eyes, shiny long hair, tanned skin, tasty lips, rosy cheeks and a beautiful smile on their face. Once you see them in real life yourself, you will never again ask questions as to why the whole world is so attracted to them;

  • Self-care. This can be related to one another. Although Russian brides have no competitors when it comes down to natural beauty, they still don’t forget to look after themselves, which makes them even better. They constantly work out and some of them are on a diet. Because of this they are always in a great shape and all of this makes their body look extremely sexy. It is also impossible not to mention how they dress up. It seems like they are always going on a party or have some sort of a celebration. They usually wear a lot of makeup and have high heels on. This clearly drives men crazy, because they are not used to seeing such stuff in Western countries;

  • You might be concerned that if Russian girls dress up like that and attract a lot of attention even when they are married, then they might be quite slutty and don’t care about long-term relationships. However, you have nothing to worry about, because it’s totally the opposite. Russian brides are the most loyal women you can find. If she loves you and you start dating, then you can be sure that her love will last till the very last day of your relationships. They also don’t visit fishy clubs/parties once they get married, so you will never have to worry about cheating;

  • Everything that has to do with family. If you are from USA or Europe, then you perfectly know that most of the girls don’t get married up until their late thirties. This is because they want to finish college first, find a good job, start making a lot of money, build a successful career, and only then start thinking about the family. They are also a lot more independent and don’t care about having a family all that much. It’s very different with Russian women. They actually want to get married as soon as they can, even if they just finished school. This is because they hate loneliness and want to be happy together as much as they can. It doesn’t stop them from studying, working, self-developing. They still find time for all that and combine it with family, but making a family is still the number one priority. It’s considered a bad sign in Russia if you are 30+ years of age and you still haven’t married and got no kids. Another great thing about Russian brides is that they really appreciate their mom, dad and all of the relatives. They usually have large and tight-knight families and always help each other in different situations, so be sure to act like a real gentleman when she will introduce you to her parents;

  • Cooking. Their cooking abilities are closely related to their family. From the very early age Russian moms teach their daughters how to cook properly and satisfy their man in any way possible. This is actually great, because you will never be hungry when you come from work and won’t have to spend a bunch of money for unhealthy food from the restaurants;

  • No such thing as “war of the sexes”. Feminism has been a big problem in a lot of large countries nowadays. Luckily, it still hasn’t reached Russian. Every woman here respects their man and considers him as the head of the family. You will be the dominant man who will be able to make all of the important decision;

  • Calmness. Russian brides are very calm. Even if you come home late from work, they won’t start crying and punching you in the face. They will quietly accept it and move on. However, be sure to treat your woman with respect and never betray her. Otherwise, she can suddenly explode and all of your relationships may go to waste;

  • Wisdom. If you are having a bad day or just in a terrible mood, you can be sure that your Russian lady will always be there to support you. She will find the right words to feel you better, or if necessary not just words. You can also always count on an advice from your dear wife.;

  • Intelligence. Life of a Russian bride doesn’t stop the moment she gets married. She feels like her main goal is accomplished, but she still sets new goals for herself and doesn’t just sit home all day. They continue studying and usually get at least 1 higher education. Self-development is also an important part of their life;

  • Strong character. If you think that life in Russia is easy and women are satisfied with everything, then think again. Most of the time Russian brides have to work up to 12 hours a day just to feed themselves, and they still have to do all of the housekeeping job. It is very irritating and tiring, but they never complain about it, because they have a strong will;

  • Very sociable. You will never be bored with a Russian woman, because she always has something to talk about. She knows a lot of interesting stories and has a lot to share with you;

  • Good in bed. Last, but not least. Actually one of the most important things. Russian brides are very good at pleasuring their man. They never pretend like they have a headache or make some other dumb excuse, but are always ready to have sex with you whenever you want it. Another great thing is that they are always ready to experiment and aren’t scared of something new.

Russian Bride Websites and How We Review Them


You will find a lot of Russian bride websites on the web, because of how popular these women are. However, not all of the sites deserve your attention. Some of them don’t care about the security of their customers, while others are too expensive. There are also a lot of scammer websites, so you should be extremely careful with investing your money.


Because of the amount of unscrupulous websites, some of the people even question if mail-order bride websites are legal and if you can actually meet brides online. The answer is yes, so you have nothing to worry about, as long as you pay attention to the following factors:


  1. Security. This is the most important aspect of any website. There is no point in spending your time on the website if you know that it’s poorly protected. You should read multiple guides on the internet on how to stay safe during the search of your Russian bride. With its help you will easily be able to identify potential scammers and see if you can trust the site;

  2. Design. Even though it doesn’t sound like something extremely important, but it actually is. You can say a lot about the website just by looking at its design. If the design of the website looks terribly outdated, then you should close the tab, because it doesn’t just look bad, but is also means that the site has bugs and other inconsistencies;

  3. Reviews. A good website will always have a lot of great reviews about it and vice versa. This is something you should pay close attention to. Even if the website looks very well, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a scam. Always check what other people have to say about it;

  4. Pricing. Some of the guys expect mail-order bride websites to be 100% free, but that’s not the case. It’s not a bad thing that you actually have to pay some money to find your love. It also gives you an advantage, because the girl knows that you are ready to pay and seriously interested in her. However, if you feel like the website is asking for too much, then you can always find an alternative;

  5. Real brides. This is probably the most important thing you should pay attention to, because no matter how good the website looks and how sate it is, all of your money will go to waste if you are actually chatting with some fake girl. That being said, look for the websites that have women with “Verified” badges. It makes you know that the person you are chatting with is actually real;

  6. Unrealistic promises. If a site makes some bold claims like there is 100% that you will meet your soulmate when using their services, then you should think twice before registration. Promises like that are obviously false, so why would you pay to someone that is lying to you?;

  7. A number of features. These are little things, but they make your communication with the girl a lot more enjoyable. If a website provides the option to just chat and send messages, then that might not be enough for you. Look for a service that has plenty of features, so you don’t feel yourself limited. These may be: ability to send gifts, communicate on the web, rate each others profiles and a lot of other things;

  8. Payment safety. All of the websites should have a special section where they describe how safely the payments of the customers are protected. Usually it’s the advanced SSL encryption. If the information isn’t there, then you should leave.


Where to Meet Russian Brides?


  • Mail-order bride websites. Like I have already mentioned, this is a great method. It might be costly for some, but it’s fast and effective, so it’s fully justified. You also have to understand that only professionals work there. Workers of such agencies choose the best single ladies from all over the country. This means that if the woman doesn’t look too attractive or isn’t educated enough, then she won’t be able to use the site. They also make photosets with the selected girls, so that they can look as pretty as possible and attract foreigners. All of this is very cool, because you will get to communicate with the best of the best and choose a bride for yourself a lot faster;

  • Dating sites. It is slightly worse than mail-order bride websites, but on the other hand some of the dating sites are 100% free. However, you should be ready to face big competition, because you are not the only one who is looking for beautiful Russian ladies. If you are really interested in dating sites, then you should choose the one you like and buy a subscription. Paid dating sites will provide you a lot more opportunities and the girl will be more interested in you;

  • Thematic sites. This is a great option if you are into something. For example, if you are a lover of classic music, then you can search for such site and start communicating with a girl. If she sounds attractive to you, then you can invite her on a date. It will be also nice to know that both of you have same interests, and as we all know communication is a big key in the relationships;

  • Dating apps. There are all kinds of apps for dating in today’s world. Perhaps, Tinder is the most popular one. With its help you will be able to find an attractive girl nearby. However, you will have to be very selective with your choice, because a lot of women are looking for just a one-night sex on Tinder and aren’t interested in long-term relationships;

  • Social networks. Although social networks sound like a great place to look for attractive Russian brides, in reality it isn’t as simple. Yes, you will find a lot of sexy Russian women there, but there are no guarantees that they are single, or looking for relationships, or if they even like you. Besides, most of the Russian brides don’t speak English very well, so you will have to look for Russian social network and obviously be able to speak Russian. However, if all of this isn’t a problem for you and you are really patient, you can search for some Russian brides in social networks like Vkontakte or Instagram;

  • English-speaking clubs. This might not be the most popular place to meet with girls, but it’s still worth a try, because you clearly know that the girls that come here can already speak some English. There are a lot of such clubs in Moscow;

  • Party dating. Russian girls really like to party, and will happily party even more if it’s going to be a handsome foreigner. It’s a great choice if you want to have some fun and find your love at the same time;

  • Dating tours to Russia. These tours are getting more and more popular. They let you stay in Russia for like 3 days and you can do anything you want. You can learn more about Russian culture, visit the most interesting countries and obviously meet with Russian brides. If you feel like she’s the woman of your life, then you can either stay in Russia, or take her back to your country;

  • On the street or any other place. You won’t need to have a specific plan on where to meet a Russian bride and you also won’t need to pay a cent to meet her, because you can meet her directly on the street or some similar place. It isn’t popular nowadays, but it doesn’t make it less romantic. You will also have nothing to lose even if you get rejected, because it’s the last time you will see her. And if she will actually like you, you will start dating, and get married eventually, then both of you will remember that fun moment till the rest of your lives.


What is the Cost of a Russian Bride?


Russian brides aren’t slaves, you can’t buy them, but you can actually pay for the services to meet up with them. The question about the price is very popular, but there isn’t a definite answer. The pricing depends from a number of factors, including:


  • The amount of time it will take you to find your perfect bride;

  • The website itself and how their membership system is built;

  • The amount of times you will have to fly to the country of your partner;

  • The amount of gifts you are willing to give her.


All things considered, it might take up to ten thousand dollars to meet your beautiful Russian lady. However, it will most likely cost a lot less than that, so don’t get too scared.

Are Russian Brides Legal?


Russian brides are definitely legal and are clearly in demand. They are people just like you who are looking for love abroad. It doesn’t mean that you can trust all of the Russian brides, because there are also scammer websites who do illegal activity.


Best Facts About Mail Order Brides


  • Most of them don’t need your money and a better place to live in. They just know that foreigners treat their women with a lot more respect and will do anything for the family. Besides, women outnumbered men in Russia, so that’s clearly another reason why they are looking for foreigners;

  • Mail-order bride services are considered as one of the most popular ways to find your love. For example, about 15% of Americans use this platform for dating;

  • Lowest divorce rate comparing to other ways of dating. It might be a surprise for you, but there are only about 20% of the divorces of people who dated thanks to mail-order brides websites, while the number of divorces of people who met each other in real life is 40%.